Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sketchup Model and Justification

Final Model in Sketchup

Throughout the design process of project i aimed to explore the element of aboriginal history whilst combining it with the modernity of the sports park and the concepts of Buckminster Fuller and Olsen Kundig. In my final marker I wanted to make specific reference to aboriginal use of symbols and depiction within their culture. I used elements of these symbols to form my final design, shown in my conceptual sketches on the left. 

When texturing my model I decided to utilize all 36 of my textures. Whilst drawing my textures I grouped them into 6 continuous sections; each a visual representation of an element of native Australia ranging from dark to light. I loved the way in which the textures seamlessly moved from dark to light drawing the eye upwards. I decided to use this 'leading' quality within my marker as it encourages people to center and congregate inwards inciting a sense of community combined with my electroliquid aggregations of concepts by Buckminster Fuller; "Through reorganizing spatial relationships an environment can become prosperous" and Olsen Kundig; "Architecture encourages movement through transformation of its surroundings".

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