Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Clients and Words

Week 1 

Find an image showing a creative work from each of the companies below (they will be your clients in experiment 1) and describe it using a noun, verb and adjective; see below for examples. Rolex, Motorworks, Christian Benner

Chronology, embellish , polished

Alloy, Angular, Tarnished

Political, disintegrate, charcoal

Pre Uni Task

Week 1

Task: Post 3 images
a: your best piece of creative work before coming to this course, think laterally if you have not done "conventional" art or design work
b: an image of a great piece of architecture
c: an original photograph of something beautiful

An artwork i created in year 12 exploring the effects of pollution on the environment. I drew these sketches using only biro pen, giving them a metallic luster, and wet appearance.

A great piece of architecture: Bjarke Ingels apartment design stands out to me as a great piece of architecture, it revolutionizes the way common apartment blocks are designed by exploring the idea of cascading the structure allowing every occupant to have a terrace style home with a garden.
I took this picture while travelling to Anna bay, i am actually not sure exactly where this photo was taken because we took a wrong turn and ended up on this beautiful hillside.